Who knew that New York City was a Logan's Run for taxicabs? A lot of people apparently because dealing with "out of date" taxis turns out to be a nice subset of the Taxi business. Since 1996, taxis that are a part of a fleet in New York can be no older than three years old. The catch here is that that age limit is only in New York. In lesser cities like, for instance, Chicago, the age limit for taxis is anywhere from two to four years longer. After their time is up, many cabs are stripped down, reworked and moved on out to other pastures. But what exactly does that mean? In today's City section the Times find out by following a cab on the way out:

Ford Crown Victoria Taxi Cab 7L39, this is your story.

Photograph of a taxis after arriving in Chicago by Michelle V. Agins for the NYTimes.