2004_01_ask_frenchpress.jpgI'm in the market for a good coffee maker that will produce a coffee-shop quality cup of java. The only catch is that I rarely drink more than two cups at a time, so it needs to be small. I've used the Black and Decker one cup maker before, but the result tastes terrible. Even some sort of stovetop contraption would be fine- I'm not bound to the idea of an electric coffee maker.

Ask Gothamist likes to use a french press for making small amounts of coffee. According to I Need Coffee, "Coffee fanatics and connoisseurs maintain that French Press coffee is the best way to experience the daily grind."

French presses have the added bonus of being inexpensive and simple to use. You should be able to pick one up that makes two cups of coffee for around $10 - $30, which will cost you much less than buying a small electric coffee maker. Just boil some water, grind your coffee coarsely, add the coffee and water to the press, and put the top on without depressing the plunger. Let it steep for 3 - 5 minutes, depress the plunger, and voila.

Of course, you have to start with fresh, high quality coffee beans - you should have no problem finding those just about anywhere in the city - and grind them yourself to get top-notch coffee. For the best-taking cup, use filtered water and make sure to always keep your coffee maker clean (we wash our french press after every use).