2004_11_ask_beer.jpgI'm new to New York, and I'm looking for quality beer.  I'm a fan of Belgian ales, and while there are plenty of resources on where to find fine wine in the city, I haven't had any luck tracking down sources for fine beer.  Any tips on stores in Manhattan that are well stocked?

We agree with you that there are few things better than a nice Belgian brew. According to the New York City Beer Guide website, there are numerous stores in Manhattan that carry Belgian and other fine beers and ales. The NYCBG experts list 14 recommended places, from uptown to downtown. A few that they mention: Associated Supermarket (on 2nd ave/48th street) has a better-than-average beer selection, including an extensive selection of French and Belgian beers; New Beer Wholesaler (Chrystie/Delancey) sells retail as well as wholesale and has good prices on cases; and New York Beverage Wholesalers (91st st/1st ave) has free delivery in Manhattan from 59th st. to 135th st. and will deliver anywhere in Manhattan for orders over $75.

We know you specified Manhattan, but we feel we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend American Beer Distributing (Thrifty American) on Court Street in Brooklyn. It’s easy to get to from Manhattan (just take the F train to the 3rd stop in Brooklyn - Bergen Street) and we love their selection, decent prices, and nice staff.

We hope you find your perfect Belgian ale at one of these places - Cheers!