You probably won't catch any Mets fans or anyone associated with the club purchasing these yet, but MLB.com already has the New York Mets 2007 NL East Division Champions Roster T-Shirt up for sale on its website. Talk about counting your eggs way before they're hatched. The shirts aren't even available for pre-sale only, but are "in stock and ready to leave the warehouse" in 4-6 business days! Hmm...in 4-6 days, the NL East will have been decided. Does this mean MLB.com can cancel your order if the Mets fail to win their division?

The Mets, who seem to be doing everything they can to lose the NL East, take on the Washington Nationals tonight at Shea Stadium. The Phillies, their closest competition for the division, sit just two games back. The Magic Number for the Mets is 5 games with 6 games to play (2 against the Nationals, 1 against the Cardinals, and 3 against the Marlins to close the season).