Knicks Manlove; Photo: Newsday/ J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Last night, with a victory against the Chicago Bulls and a loss by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Knicks grabbed a spot in the playoffs for the first time since the 2000-2001 season. Who would have thought earlier this season the Knicks would make it? Is it Isiah Thomas, Lenny Wilkens, Stephon Marbury, Tim Thomas, Penny Hardaway, or any of the other moves in the off-season?

Gothamist has some handy info:

- Thomas joins the Knicks on 12/22, team is 10-18 and 27-24 since, improving 17%
- Marbury/Hardaway join the Knicks on 1/5, team is 14-22 and 23-20 since, improving 15%
- Wilkens joins the Knicks on 1/15, team is 17-24 and 20-18 since, improving 11%

Lucky for the Knicks, they play in the Eastern Conference, where you can make the playoffs with a losing record. Out West, even winning teams aren't making it. First round opponents could be Indiana (classic matchup), New Jersey (cross river rivalry), or Detroit (past playoff rivals). An even bigger miracle would be if the Knicks made it past their first round opponent. On the plus side, maybe we can hear more of that catchy, "Go New York, Go New York, Go!" song.