Kazuo Matsui; Photo: John Bazemore/AP

A little more than a year after making his debut with the Mets, Tom Glavine notched his first win over his former team, beating the Braves 7-2 (box score). Kazuo Matsui got the Mets started, hitting a homer with his first swing this season and had an electric debut, finishing the game 3-3, which included the home run, a double, and 3 RBI. Might the Mets turnaround be complete? Obviously, it's too soon to tell (they'll probably lose the next game), but there is energy in their bats. Last year, the Mets' season opener resulted in an ugly, ugly 15-2 loss, and what followed was an ugly, ugly season. Gothamist remembers being there and walking out after the 5 run 7th inning for the Cubs.

Down in Florida, the Yankees didn't do so well, losing 9-4 (box score). Mike Mussina picked up his second loss against the Devil Rays in two games, the last one in Japan. In their three games against the lowly F-Rays, the Yankees have dropped two - it's time to panic! Quick, trade for some more pitching! Alex Rodriguez hit a home run in the game, but it wasn't enough to defeat the Rays, who as a team make less than $19 million, while A-Rod will make $22 million this year.

Gothamist Baseball Vernacular 101: RBI is an abbreviation for runs batted in, or run batted in. Typically, you will see multiple RBI written as RBIs, but this is just wrong since the runs is already plural. Here on Gothamist, our entries will use RBI as both the singular and plural version.