Graphic from the NY Post, with a sad Mr. Met added in

Tickets for top of the line Mets tickets at will nearly double next year when they move into Citi Field. That means that seats right behind the dugout will go for just under $500 a pop. At Shea this year, Mets tickets are already the fourth most expensive in the league.

Demand is likely to rise next year not only because of buzz sure to surround the new $800 million stadium, but also because Citi Field will house almost 15,000 fewer seats than Shea. The new stadium will seat 42,500. While that might mean a better view of games, the average attendance for a Mets game at Shea last year was over 47,000.

The best seats at Citi Field will still be a good deal lower than the new Yankee Stadium that will also debut in 2009 where seats behind home plate will run up to $2500. That's not enough to satisfy Mets fans like the season ticket holder in today's NY Post who said, "The Yankees have won 26 World Series, I'm sure they can justify it. You guys won two and had the biggest collapse of all time last season."

Maybe frugal fans will have to start familiarizing themselves with the Amazin's up-and-comers and head out to Coney Island, where Cyclones Field Box seats go for $15 for a game that includes an on-field race between three different hot dog mascots that burst thru the outfield wall in between innings.