Mets/Nationals; Photo: AP

While preseason baseball is about getting players in shape and filling out those roster sports, it's always nice to start with a win. Unfortunately for the Mets, they lost yesterday to the new-look Expos, aka The Washington Nationals. The Nationals aren't the same team they beat to end the regular season last year, but a team that is returning to a city devoid of baseball for more than 30 years.

The NY Times has several interesting facts about the history of the Mets and the Expos/Nationals. Besides the franchise playing their last game as the Expos against the Mets, they also played their first game against the Mets in 1969. The Nationals play their first game in the regular season against the Mets as well. Man, schedule makers really have a sense of history, don't they. Oh yeah, and in '69, the Mets went on to win the World Series.

While the Mets lost, 5-3, they did manage to walk away with promising play in the infield. The work of Jose Reyes, Kaz Matsui, and Doug Mientkiewicz was enough to make Tom Glavine a happy man. "To turn around and see the guys we have in the infield, and then see Carlos in center field, it was a good feeling. You saw that in the first inning. That's what we were looking for. As a pitcher whose style is ground balls, I couldn't be happier." Now, if the Mets could get some sort of bullpen and stay healthy, thinking of 1969 wouldn't be too absurd.

Photo by AP via Newsday