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The Mets announced the re-signing of Kris Benson yesterday as their busy off season continues. Benson was acquired by the Mets during the season when the Mets had hope of making the playoffs, but those quickly vanished. Throughout the season, he has said he would like to remain a Met, but no deal was reached until the off-season. Despite being a free agent, it was thought that the Benson would remain with the Mets anyway. The new contract is for 3 years, $22.5 million with a &7.5 million option for a fourth year.

Anna Benson, pictured above and featured in this month's FHM Magazine is thought to like New York, as it affords her more opportunities to act and model. Always frank about the couple's sex life, Anna told FHM that she and Kris have yet to have sex at Shea Stadium. She also says that he hasn't worn her panties like Tim Robbins did in Bull Durham.

Omar Minaya is also looking to re-sign Al Leiter, who has been with the team since 1998. Leiter, a New Jersey native, reportedly wants to remain in the Northeast and may also be pursued by the Yankees, the team which he started his career with. The Marlins have are reported to have offered Leiter a 1 year, $7 million offer, while the Mets have only offered a 1 year at $4 million plus incentives. Minaya is also in the market for a much needed first basemen, with Arizona's Richie Sexson supposedly topping that list.

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