Josh Beckett; Photo: Alan Diaz/AP

The Mets lost their 11th straight game last night, falling 3-0 (box score) to the Marlins. How is that an improvement? Well, the Mets were a mere three runs away. Sure, they only got four hits off of Josh Beckett, but who's counting!

A statistic that is uglier than their losing streak, the Mets have not had a lead in 58 innings - more than six games. The 11 game losing streak is the worst for the Mets since 2002 when they lost 12 straight. The Marlins look to hand the Mets their 12th consecutive loss tomorrow when Kris Benson finally makes another start.

What are the Mets to do? Clean house? Fire the GM, the coaches, trade all their players away and rebuild? So many decisions await the Mets when they reach the off season. Would things have been different if they signed Carlos Delgado, or were the Mets doomed from the moment they stepped on the field.