Mike Piazza; Photo: Torre/Daily News

After winning a game Friday night against the visiting Dodgers, the Mets promptly dropped the next two. They lost Sunday's farce of a game, 10-2 (box score). Robin Ventura could have singlehandedly defeated the Metropolitans with his grand slam in the 5th inning. It was the 17th of his career.

Newsday points out that the Mets are now a whopping nine games below .500. That elusive mark that the Mets toyed with earlier in the season seems all but out of the picture at this point. The good news is that the Mets string of games with "who dat's" in the lineup may end Monday when Mike Piazza returns.

Margaret over at Chicagoist sent along an injury press release generator that seems to be dead on. The press release we generated for Cliff Floyd:

Cliff Floyd was injured when he ate bad Chinese food and developed parasites after it was sabotaged by the boarderline-homosexual Keith Hernandez. He is expected to miss between two or three weeks, according to Mets team doctors who have done a thorough analysis that does not involve an MRI or any kind of X-Ray. Veteran corner infielder Mike Glavine is expected to get the long-awaited call back to the majors. The immediate response of Cliff Floyd was to create a new diagnosis for his injury, one that will undoubtedly keep him out for a shorter period of time. Mets manager Art Howe only had praise for his hurt player. ''He battled,'' Art emphasized early this morning.

Those are some choice words from Howe, choice words indeed.