Last night, the Mets were oficially eliminated from winning the NL East. While it's been a long time coming, it wasn't until the Mets lost to the Marlins 2-1, that a little "E" went next to the team in the standings.

The loss to the Marlins might also be the last time Pedro Martinez pitches this season. Martinez hinted that if the Mets wanted to compete next year, they should shut him down now.

If we're thinking about winning next year -- which we need very little, to my understanding, to actually have a very good, compact team -- they should be thinking about the future. I'm here for not only one year; I'm here for four years. Those are three good years that you have probably an ace out there willing to go with you the extra mile to try to win. Win. I'm a winner and I've always been and I hope I finish like that.

Ha! Like Pedro Martinez has three more good years in him! Despite his personal shut-down, Martinez has quieted those doubters to a degree this year with a 15-8 record and a 2.82 ERA (ignore the diminished speed of his pitches). Next up for the Mets, Part 2 or their elimination saga, the National League Wild Card. That could happen as early as Saturday against the Nationals.