Todd Zeile; Photo: AP

162 games after they began, the Mets have finally finished the season with a record of 71-91, good for 4th in the National League East. For what it's worth, the Mets improved from last year when they finished last in the NL East and with 5 less wins. The season ended with a win against the Montreal Expos, a team that moving to Washington D.C. and the retirement of Todd Zeile and possibly the end of John Franco's career.

The 9-1 victory (box score) came with a "new look" infield. Kaz Matsui and Jose Reyes swapped positions with Matsui playing second base and Reyes playing shortstop. The new configuration is likely to continue through next season, but that's for the next manager to determine.

The game served as a fair-well for at least three people, Zeile, Franco, and Art Howe. Zeile started the game behind the plate and was replaced in the 8th inning. In the 6th, Zeile hit a three-run homer in his final at bat, ending his 15 year career. Franco, the 44 year old Staten Island native, may have played his final game as a Met. With the team since 1990, Franco is unsure of whether he will play next season, but this was likely his final season with the Mets.

Photo from the AP