Coming into last night's game against the Cardinals, everything was working for the Mets. They won 5 of their last six games, including their last two games in the 9th inning. Last night, there was no luck for the Mets. They lost 1-0 (box score) despite great pitching from starter Steve Trachsel. The game was tied until the 8th inning when Scott Rolen hit an RBI double that scored Edgar Renteria. The Mets also lost Todd Zeile to injury when he was clipped with a spike while sliding into second in an attempt to break up a double play. At least Zeile slid, unlike Jorge Posada when he was injured. Zeile left the game, getting eight stitches on his two gashes.

A win would have put the Mets at the .500 mark after 40 games, which really isn't that impressive, but when you think about the Mets in recent years, you don't tend to associate them with .500 ball. Even more shocking is that the Mets are only 3 games out of first in the horrible NL East (they also happen to be 5 games out of last). Any Mets fan knows that this is typical. Get you excited, and then let you down.