With their victory over the Marlins on Monday, the Mets secured their first division title since 1988 and their first playoff berth since 2000. Two years ago, they were a laughingstock, but aggressive contracts and young stars have given the Mets the best team in the National League. Of course, an early departure in the playoffs might sour the season for the fans, but such is the life of a team that romped through a league so easily.

And fans aren't ignoring the Mets anymore. When the team missed its chance to clinch the division title on Sunday in Pittsburgh, the Mets say, fans bought 2,000 tickets to Monday's game in the two hours following the loss. WFAN reported that 10,000 tickets of the 46,000+ were sold since 4 p.m. Sunday. Shea Stadium, as depressing a venue as it is, has been overshadowed by the stellar play on the field. Now, they have two weeks to rest before the real fun starts.

Photograph of the Mets celebrating the National League Eastern Division title by Bill Kostroun/AP