In what has become a yearly tradition, the Mets and Yankees start the first of six games in their interleague series tonight. In last seven years, the Yankees hold a 24-12 advantage in the Subway Series including a six game sweep of the Mets last season.

Derek Jeter sums up the Series succinctly, "Yes, it's great for the city. No, it's not like it was during (the World Series) in 2000. No, it's not that much different than any other game. Does that cover it?" As much as Gothamist loves the games, we're also kind of tired of them. It's not much of a rivalry if one team is getting smoked every year, if the teams aren't fighting against each other for anything, if the players view the games as ordinary, or if the players are all chummy. While both fans on both sides may hate each other, these games have little meaning in the AL and NL East.

After the games in The Bronx, the Red Sox and Yankees play three games that are much more important standings-wise. The Yankees currently lead the Red Sox by 5.5 games and have the best record in baseball. The Mets are simply having issues staying at .500 and catching the ball. Despite their defensive woes, the Mets are only 3.5 games behind the Florida Marlins.


While the novelty in the Subway Series may be gone, it doesn't mean the fans don't love the series. There is certainly enough trash talking to go around and you know Gothamist loves trash talk. Game 1 is tonight with Al Leiter pitching against Brad Halsey. Who knows, with the Mets in striking distance of 1st, we can all dream of a meaningful Subway Series.

So let it begin - three games this weekend, three games next weekend. Let's go Yankees! Let's go Mets!