Get readyThe weather is a mixed bag this weekend as we stick around the city this weekend (we're glad we won't need to follow Gawker's rules of conduct for getting to the Hamptons - we've seen people getting on and off the Jitney and it looks worse than the school bus we had to take). We've been trying to think of what we want to do, and have come up with some ideas that we'd like to share:

- Enjoy some music; Coolfer's made some great picks for the weekend
- See a movie; sure, there are Hollywood blockbusters out, but why not check out some smaller films, like Control Room, The Five Obstructions, and Strayed (Mayor Koch writes about Strayed, "It wouldn’t be French if the film didn’t contain a titillating sex scene, and this film is very French. I liked it very much.")
- Clean out your closet and drawers; store your winter clothes
- Or check out the Cary Grant weekend at the Museum of the Moving Image
- Go to the beach; see the city's list of local beaches...Rockaway has a serious surfing scene
- Buy some mozarella and make some caprese
- Read a book: For starters, Oprah's pick is The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers; the Today Show Book Club chose The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat; the Good Morning America chose A Vineyard Killing by Philip R. Craig; the Times has its recommendations of new and noteworthy paperbacks... and you don't have to buy a book - you can go to the public library
- Go see some area sports
- Rent a movie; since you're not in the office, remember why it's so good not to be there, by watching The Office, Office Space, Shattered Glass or The Apartment
- Stroll around your neighborhood to see if there are any stoop sales
- Visit a museum: There's the Skyscraper Museum, Brooklyn Museum and he Metropolitan Museum is open on Monday - see Christo's Gates sketches, the Byzantine collection, and corsets there!
- Find a barbecue to crash

- Consider joining our advice blog, Ask Gothamist
; c'mon, we know you like telling your friends how to live their lives!
- Enjoy the Lower East Side Arts Festival, a Hip Hop Look at New York, big animals at the Bronx Zoo, a Times Square fair (Sunday), a performance at the Harlem Meer (Sunday), and more.
- Law & Order marathon on TNT on Monday

Gothamist is sure that we'll accomplish exactly half of at least one of the above activities. What are you doing this weekend?