Above are Oliver, Scout, and Simon Little, three Brooklyn siblings currently without a home. Fortunately, they have a kind neighbor who leaves them food and water and has some outdoor housing in her backyard. The other day she found Simon on her windowsill, caught out in the rain and looking forlorn. With the arrival of winter and snowstorms, these cats need a home.

heartbreaker.jpgWe spoke to their human friend (who would love to take them in but already has three cats):

A little more info: they look to be about 6-7 months old, so they're still not full grown cats. The boys are EXTREMELY affectionate and love to be scratched and petted; their sister Scout was more tentative at first and is still a little bit skittish, but she has come around really nicely this past week and is also really enjoying the petting now. They've got really nice personalities and I think they're going to make someone awesome pets. They also all get along really well with the older cats who frequent the yard (Hoople and Funny Face, who we suspect is their mama), so they'd probably do well in a house with existing cats.

They were completely freaked out by the snow this morning, and though we still have the little kitty condos we built out back, they do seem to head off elsewhere after eating and hanging out for a bit. It would be great to place them before we get much further into winter and the really bad weather.

If you think you can help out the Littles or would like to learn more about them, please contact us at info(at)gothamist(dot)com.