2005_10_23_parisposter.jpg- In Philly they love Trader Joe's, a store which incidentally maybe, possibly, might actually be on its way to Gotham?
- So you know, "the Shanghai underground rock scene has moved from Xujiahui to Tangpu District."
- Apparently, the mail service in San Francisco has its quirks.
- Seattlest ponders living in a state where "you can't get a lap dance, but it's a-ok to blow a pig."
- Our cousins to the north have lost a local magazine.
- DC's WMATA has started to make up new words (like, we kid you not, Sumpnspicious which refers to suspicious actions and occurrences that should be reported) so dcist offers a few words of their own.
- Hiking in LA. Seriously.
- Austinist is looking out for you.
-Whereas, Bostonist tries to pick a fight with us.
- Meanwhile, the Windy City is a bit preoccupied with baseball.
- And Londonist seems amused about a new monorail.
- Fnally, as we have no idea how to speak french (we tried, we swear we tried) we have no idea what is going on in Paris. But we assume it is very french.

Photograph from an ad currently up in Paris.