2003_11_mcdjob.jpgMcDonald's can't take some of the "Mc"-ing of America, as they are complaining about a new defintion in Merriam-Webster's: McJob defined as "a low-paying job that requires little skill and provides little opportunity for advancement." Of course, McDonald's CEO, Jim Cantalupo, says the definiton insults the millions who work in the restuarant industry and wants Merriam-Webster's to have a more flattering definition; M-W says the definition is accurate and appropriate. Note to McDonald's: Oh, come on - if the definition didn't hold true, you wouldn't have the turnover problems you and other fast food restaurants do; go back to claiming your food is healthy.

Some have credited Generation X author Douglas Coupland with coining McJob but he simply popularized it; the OED cites a 1986 Washington Post article as using it first. [Via Metafilter]