2005_11_arts_maxd.gifEveryday we walk by the MaxDelivery.com HQ, and wonder...what is that place? By the time we get to a computer, we've already forgotten about it. Not today though! Today we actually went in and poked around (you can buy directly from their storefront, as well as get things delivered). We grabbed a flyer on the way out, and clicked around their website to find the "shop by acitivity" section.

Here you can see what is listed in the package titled "Date Night". K-Y lubricant! Condoms! Condom cases! Clearly, MaxDelivery thinks we're easy. And, who are we to argue, they probably picked the right city. Maybe with this kind of attitude the service will last longer than its predecessors: Kozmo and UrbanFetch (which lives on in the Museum of E-Failure).