Mark Messier; Photo:

At the end of last night's loss to the Sabers, New York Rangers fans gave team captain Mark Messier a standing ovation. The fans at The Garden clearly thought that it might have been Mess's last game as a Ranger. During the game, he scored his 18th goal of the season, but the Rangers lost anyway. In the post-game press conference, Messier did not confirm or deny that this was his last home game as a Ranger.

It's sad to see Messier end his 25 year career on a team that is such a mess (cough, cough, pun intended), because Messier deserves better. Alas, Gothamist has no thoughts on how to fix the Rangers. They just spend, spend, spend, but they haven't made the playoffs in 7 years. Maybe it's that whole Cablevision ownership thing.