Gothamist just got an email from someone up at Columbia who says the scent of maple syrup is attacking the olfactory nerves. She called 311, who had no clues as to what's happening. There were also reports that the city smelled like a maple tree farm during syrup season last week (November 30), and one reader suggested that the city was secretly testing chemical weapons, but just using a benign, insulin shock inducing odor. Maybe the city is denying it because of the old "smelt it, dealt it" axiom. Gothamist told our tipster that we'd try to get on the case, once we located our stack of pancakes; our tipster replied, "Yeah! The last time this happened I ate something like 5 breakfasts in 3 days. Day 3 we got bacon involved and it was INCREDIBLE."

So our question is, does the city smell of syrup where you are? Let us know your location as well - we'll try to whip up a map! And the October 27 maple syrup incident is still unsolved - we need Robert Stack on the case.

Updated: We whipped up a map on Wayfaring - Maple Syrup Smell in NYC - December 8. Add your maple syrup smell points!