In the tradition of "There's a website for everything" (and also file under "scatological"), there is a site called Worst Places to Take a Dump, which tackles the worst places to take a dump in the city. Here is the site's mission:

George Costanza famously claimed to know of all the best toilets in the city; I know the worst. This photoblog documents the breadth of my knowledge, and features a Google Maps mashup to guide eccentric tourists. Please take the time to comment on the bathrooms you would least like to take your dumps in, and the losingest toilet will be honored accordingly. I would love to hear from anyone who has documented more of New York’s worst lavatorial phenomena, as I am only one man; I can only attempt to void my bowels in so many terrible places. All chosen submissions will, of course, receive due attribution.

The site has a handful of locations so far. And even though it's not for the faint of heart, we look forward to pictures from subways, buses, and apartment building halls being posted as well. Who knows, maybe the soon-to-come Charmin potty in Times Square will be added. [Via Trip Cart - thanks!]

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