2007_04_ttd2.jpgJeremy Olshan created this map, the Twin Towers Diaspora, which gives an interesting overview of where former tenants of the World Trade Center have moved after September 11, 2001. Some have stayed in Manhattan, but others have moved to the outer-boroughs and out of the state. You can click on the markers to see the company name and where the company was originally located in the WTC.

Tenant Wise has a list (as of 2003) of where WTC-area tenants moved to and how much square footage they occupied. Downtown development is a big deal for the city and state, with both trying to lure more businesses to fill the millions of square feet that are being built/re-built. Today, the Times reported that JP Morgan Chase is threatening to move to Stamford from Midtown if the city won't offer a "big subsidy package" to move to the old Deutsche Building site.