Everyone has taxis on the mind! Mike at Google Map Mania let us know about this new Google Maps mash-up: The Taxi Fare Finder. We ran the imaginary taxi route of Mayor Bloomberg, going from City Hall to his East 79th Street townhouse and got a fare of just under $21 not including tip. The Fare Finder does have a disclaimer:

Please remember that this number is estimated--many factors, such as traffic and weather, will affect the actual fare. Tips are NOT included in the fare, and they are appreciated. This tool does NOT yet take tolls into account, which are your responsibility. Sorry, this site does not yet support fares outside of the five Boroughs and Newark Airport.

Still, it's fun to see if rides are sort of near what you paid.

And we don't think yesterday's new fare hike for waiting time is incorporated, since Google Maps ain't judging traffic wait times.