WNYC's Brian Lehrer dared ask: How many SUVs are on your block? The experiment in “crowdsourcing” had listeners (450 in total, 345 valid submissions) walk outside and count the SUVs, as well as regular cars, on their own block. Now the numbers have rolled in:


Total number of cars: 4226
Average percentage of SUVs per total vehicles: 30.60%
Neighborhood with highest percentage: Paterson, NJ (East 30th Street and 22nd Avenue), with 100%
Neighborhood with lowest percentage: Kensington, Brooklyn; Mount Kisco, NY, London, with 0%
Average Percentage of SUVs in Manhattan: 28.7%
Average Percentage of SUVs in Brooklyn: 32.3%
Top quartile (75-100%): 1.44%
Second highest (50-75%): 8.12%
Second lowest (25-50%): 54.20%
Lowest percentile (0-25%): 36.23%

So, what do all these numbers mean? While the experiment was far from scientific, it yielded some interesting results. Paterson, NJ had the highest amount of SUVs (100%), with six out of the six cars on the block being SUVs. Alternatively Kensington, Brooklyn had 0% at Louisa and Story Streets. Put up against Manhattan, Brooklyn had less SUVs with 28.7% to Manhattan's 32.3%.

As for the map, the Yellow cars represent less then 25%, the Green between 25% and 50%, Blue between 50% and 75% and Purple is more than 75% SUVs on a block.

Brian Lehrer pondered the numbers on his show recently, listen to the mp3.