grubbykid takes the time to consider how much space a Soho Mall would have if in fact Soho were put under a glass roof. Why? Well, to find out the "theoretical maximum leasable square footage," after news of the sharply increasing commercial rents in the neighborhood. And the square footage would be: 1,338,750 square feet! grubbykid has more details about how that number was developed, but that makes SoHo a small mall. The Garden State Plaza, just over the river in Paramus, has just under 2 million leasable square feet (it's the 17th largest in the country). Anyway, this map is fun and the only thing that's missing is for this to be on a kiosk, with color-coded key to where "Fashion for Her," "Furniture," and "Dining" are all located!

And like grubbykid, we've been calling SoHo a mall for a while.