There was a time when New York City played a more active role in key social struggles (some might argue that time has passed). This map looks to plot the points of interest for "opposition" in the city. The designer of the map says:

Capitalists map the city for the purposes of profit and authorities do so for control. Radicals, of course, have a different agenda.

This map is the first installment of a larger project dedicated to highlighting important sites of social struggle in New York City. At present, the map only covers a small (albeit important) sliver of the city and quite incompletely at that.

The map needs some serious expansion right now as it mostly covers parts of the West and East Village right now. The creator says he has plans to "expand, enrich and refine it."

Rolling over the points of interest on the map pops-up a blurb about what happened there and a link to some more information.