Right now, Mayor Bloomberg is delivering his "New York City 2030: Accepting the Challenge" speech, which will outline his plans to make the city sustainable through 2030. You can see him speak at the city's website (via Streetsblog), but the website for PLANYC is up, and you can get a glimpse into what problems the city wants to tackle.

Issues include environmental concerns, congestion, and housing, and there are some nice maps on the site. Above is a comparison of rail and subway congestion in 2006 and 2030. And then there's map showing both subway stations in good repair and ones in bad repair. Obviously, the city wants all stations to be in good repair.


And there's a map showing inadequate playground access.


We'll have more on the city's 2030 plan once we digest the Mayor's speech and the information on the site. Until then, have fun exploring.

Update-- ooh! The site is full of informative PDFs. And those PDFs have lots of fun diagrams and maps. For instance, check out this map of dangerous environmental disaster sites around the five boroughs: