Hope you had a good breakfast, because after checking out this map you're going to be too nervous to eat anything for the rest of the day. It shows the effects of nuclear bombs of various kiloton payloads-- the four circles denote the areas of largest damage. We tried detonations of 1 to 1000 kilotons centered on Times Square. Here are our results:

1kt: Bad day to be in Hell's Kitchen or surrounding blocks
10kt: Pretty fucked as far south as 23rd, and north to the park
100kt: everyone south of 96th street is dead or mutated
1000kt: that two million dollar brownstone in Park Slope is sure looking like a crappy investment now, eh?

Here's something that makes us feel better about the whole thing: if you get killed in a nuclear blast, there's a good chance that quite a few people you hate will be killed along with you! Discuss amongst yourselves.