Google Maps Mania points to a new map offering: Walking, subway and bus directions from GypsyMaps, all laid out on a Google Map. Actually, bus information will be coming in April, but GypsyMaps has a nice start, as it shows the point to point directions all laid out. (We asked for directions between 1 West 57th Street in Manhattan to 1 Centre Street.)

Google Maps Mania also lists other NYC Transit and Transportation maps, including OnNYTurf's Subway Google Map and the NYC Interactive Transit Map. There are so many, we wonder if any of you have a favorite that you would recommend. We tend to check three sites (the MTA site, Hopstop, and then Google Maps) just to triple check some directions and information.

And some exciting news for buses: The MTA is getting ready to offer estimated wait times for some buses soon both at bus shelters and on the website! When that day will come, it's unclear, but the Post says the Service Management and Customer Information System is available for the M15, M31, M35, M57, M66, M72 and M116.