Note from the publisher: today we're announcing a new experimental feature in our Gothamist Labs section: the Gothamist News Map. In nearly real time, it's mapping all the police, fire, and breaking news alerts that we receive from the various wire services. Check it out-- you'd be amazed by all the shootings, suicides, fires, and crane-collapses that you're not hearing about on the 6pm news. Some of the data that comes in is unmappable using our location algorithms-- so we've placed that data in a box at the bottom of the screen-- don't forget to glance at that, because often some of the most interesting stuff is down there.

We'd like to thank Faneuil Media for coding the map for us, and Breaking News Network for providing some of the data. If you have any ideas about how we can improve the map, or any data-sources to add to it, please let us know.