2006_08_20_takeout.jpg Who amongst us hasn't been there? It's three in the morning, you can't sleep and you've got a terrible desire to eat something, anything, but your pantry is empty (so to speak) and you don't have the energy or the desire to put on your shoes and go out to get food. Like most of us you've got a stack of take-out menus, but how do you know who's going to be open? It is, after all, three in the morning.

Enter GopherNow [via waxy.org]. A clever mash-up of Google Maps and restaurant listings, you tell the site where you are and it tells you what restaurants are close by and most importantly when they close.

We think this is a great idea. The only problem we've got with the service so far is that, like so many newcomers to the web, especially localized sites launching nationally, it is highly dependent on your help. Right now the site only has a handful of restaurants listed. Luckily it isn't hard to add restaurants (although it has been giving us some 'issues' this afternoon). Once GopherNow has more listings though, this could be an invaluable tool for the curing the munchies.