Wired has a story today on the Googlecenter of America-- the place that you find if you zoom in to the closest point on the default Google map (it's a fallow field outside of Coffeyville, Kansas.) This got us thinking: where is the Googlecenter of New York City? Turns out it's the corner of Chambers and Broadway, right behind city hall. That makes some sense to us-- although there are probably better candidates-- Times Square, Grand Central Station, etc. Curious about the Googlecenter of your borough? Read on:

Manhattan (Chambers and Broadway)
Brooklyn (corner of Nostrand and Erasmus in Flatbush)
Bronx (corner of Holland and Hunt Avenue in Pelham Park)
Queens (77th Avenue and 141st Street)
Staten Island (Forrest Hills Road and Leason Place)

Don't confuse the Googlecenter of New York with the actual geographic center-- that's at "40 degrees, 42 minutes, 51 seconds N latitude, and 74 degrees, 0 minutes 23 seconds W longitude" -- but we couldn't figure out how to put that into Google Maps.