Whilst surfing around on Flickr this morning we came across an amazing set of maps by Qaanaaq-- "GIS maps of stuff I think is interesting. Made mostly with ArcGIS 9 and Illustrator." The map above documents how people get to work in the five boroughs-- blue is public transit, red is cars, and green is walking. Similar data is mapped in different colors here-- it's strange how so many people use public transit in Red Hook. Related transit maps: proximity to subways (don't move to Eastern Queens and Southern Brooklyn if you want to commute by rail-- you'll definitely need a car).

Qaanaaq has also mapped a lot of housing and demographic information-- here are links to a bunch of them:
-- NYU properties around Washington Square (they own everything!)
-- home ownership in NYC (lots of people still rent!)
-- rental values in Brooklyn (Brownstone Brooklyn is expensive!)
-- race in the five boroughs and in Brooklyn (still really segregated)
-- household income (Manhattan is very rich, but so is Staten Island).

Great stuff! If you want to see more, check out all 94 posts in our NYC maps archive.