Streetsblog took a look at the Department of City Planning's annual bicycle survey and dug up this map of cyclists by zip code as well as these highlights:

- For Bicycle Commuters: 44% start in Manhattan and 41% start in Brooklyn; 81% end in Manhattan and 10% end in Brooklyn.
- At the work place: 52% park and lock their bikes outdoors, 48% indoors.
- The average commute time for cyclists is 35 minutes.
- The most common reason that non-commuting cyclists do not commute by bike is because of driver behavior/traffic and lack of safe storage at work.
- The most common reason commuter cyclists do commute by bike is because it is healthy/good exercise and because it is environmentally friendly.

And the zipcode with the most bicyclists? It's the 11215 - Park Slope, where there's a battle over making 9th Street more bike-friendly.

Read the report here.