Just in time for winter (as mild as it's been), LICNYC has created a Photo Tour of Long Island City. Photographs of buildings, restaurants, banks, and more are pinpointed on a Google Map. Our favorite spot noted on the might be the "Big rock that nobody owns." You can add your LIC shots by sending in your pictures to editor(at)licnyc(dot)com .

And back when there was the Long Island City vs. Wiliamsburg debate, we thought this comment from ES was interesting:

LIC is really ruined as a neighborhood by the LIRR railtracks. It divides the place, makes it difficult to navigate, and contributes to that strange deserted look. Also, gentrification there seems to have skipped the squatting artist/ bohemian phase and gone straight into the cute restaurants and condos for yuppies phase.

Williamsburg has been ruined, but at one time it was a pretty cool place. LIC doesn't even have the past going for it.