I love getting manicures at salons around New York, but my friend is telling me that it's a terribly unsanitary practice, that all of the tools used on my nails have been used on other clients' nails, that I'll get diseases, etc.. I've been doing this for years and am thus far fine. Need I worry?

Alicia, East Village

Although these are professional services that should use 100% hygienic techniques, like any service you receive from a public provider, there are always some risks of which you must be aware when going into it. For instance, it is possible to contract pink eye from getting one of those complimentary department store makeovers if your makeup artist uses the same eye shadow on you thet she's just used on someone who has it (even if the brush is different.) Odds are you will be fine, as you have been thus far, and you certainly shouldn't overworry the issue. If you're concerned, though, it would be wise to buy your own nail products and bring them; manicurists are accustomed to some patrons wanting to supply their own equipment and won't give you a hard time about it.