2008_04_fatjeans.jpgManhattan may be more expensive to live in, but, hey, apparently Manhattan residents are less fat and more in shape than folks in other boroughs.

The other week, the city's Health Department released a survey that showed New Yorkers were gaining weight at a rate nearly three times that of other Americans, packing on a total of 10 million pounds between 2002 and 2004, becoming more obese and more diagnosed with diabetes. The Times explains why Manhattan can claim less-obese honors:

Over all, more than 300,000 New Yorkers get to work on foot. But Manhattanites tend to walk more than people who live and work in the rest of the city. They’re more likely to walk to the bus or subway. Walk up and down stairs to stations. Even walk all the way to work. They’re less obese than New Yorkers in other boroughs, regardless of race or income.

So you may have much less apartment space for the rent you're paying, but you can think about that as an investment in your waistline! For others, pace around your roomier apartment.

The Health Department is concerned about people drinking soda, because soda drinks are "empty calories." Health Department epidemiologist told the Times, "Your brain doesn’t register when you drink. You’re better off eating 400 calories of jelly beans than drinking 400 calories of soda.”

Photograph by Triborough on Flickr