The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released data showing Manhattan as the country's highest paid place. Thanks to financial executives' salaries, the average weekly salary for a Manhattanite is $2,821. The next highest weekly salary in the country is Fairfield, Connecticut - $1,979.

The figure reflect the heady first quarter of 2007. The rest of New York City residents make more modest amounts. Queens residents make an average of $831/week, followed by $788 made in the Bronx, $742 in Brooklyn, and $733 in Staten Island.

Some other interesting specifics: Manhattan investment bankers make $16,918/week, while information industry workers make $2,586. Manhattan's hospitality industry workers make $769/week. NY State residents make an average $1,397/week.

This tool compares salaries between cities (clearly, the cost of living in NYC is going to be way more than Durham, NC). New York magazine also had a cost-of-living calculator for keeping up a certain lifestyle in NYC. And about 1.55 million New Yorkers live in poverty.