2003_9_prospectpark.jpgA 27 year-old man was shot to death in Brooklyn yesterday evening, and the police are looking for two assailants. Witnesses say the victim may not have been the intended target, one man telling the Times, "The shooter was shooting wild. Shooting without even looking."

The Times says Man Is Shot to Death Near Prospect Park, while the Post doesn't really mention Prospect Park at all. Gothamist looked at the address, 65 East 19th Street, it didn't really ring a bell, so we mapped it. The location of the shooting is actually a couple blocks south of the park (which the Times makes clear in the article), which leads Gothamist to wonder if the Times might have seized on the "Prospect Park" as a way to scare local Windsor Terrace, Kensington, and Park Slope residents, who are unaccustomed to crime. Or maybe the Times felt that Prospect Park was a landmark that would give some perspective on the shooting. But this "near the park issue" reminds Gothamist of real estate hucksters who speak of "park views" when it's a sliver of green from another neighbor's flowerbox. Gothamist on Prospect Park.