2005_07_larryknicks.jpgIt's done: As expected, Larry Brown is now the new head coach of the NY Knicks. A Times article says Brown is "noted for his ability to teach players basic basketball skills and for his belief in ball movement on the court..." and these are fine things: Players on an NBA team should know how to play basketball and ball movement on the court is good, too especially when you want to win. Anyway, it's time for you to write the caption for this photo. Here are a few of our thoughts:

- And Now The Honeymoon Can End
- Thomas: "Thank you for coming..."
Brown: "We're slashing payroll..."
- "Will you still hug me if I quit this job too?"
- "Can I get on the health plan stat?"
- "Just so you know, the team sucks."
- "We still haven't told Herb yet, so don't say anything."

What's your caption? And the Knicks' website is all about the Larry Love.

Photography by James Estrin for the NY Times