2005_12_syankeesloss.jpgSunday, the Daily News reported that the Yankees lost anywhere from $50-80 million in 2005. The figure comes after adding 2005 payroll at around $200 million, revenue sharing of $75 million, a $33 million luxury tax and operating expenses. Yikes, $300+ million for an AL East Championship? On top of that, prices are going up next year with the premium tickets getting $20 more expensive.

The News also points out that the situation could get worse for the Yankees. While they're already cutting back on free-agent acquisitions (so far, at least), their revenue sharing contribution may go up after a re-evaluation of YES Network fees paid to the Yankees. Last season, YES paid the team only $60 million for broadcast rights, a number that a MLB consultant is expected to say is too low. With a higher number, the Yankees will have to kick in more funds to the league.

Illustration from the Daily News