It seems like the Mets can't catch a break. Yesterday afternoon, Tom Glavine was involved in a car accident when he was in a cab on the way to Shea Stadium. Glavine returned from Atlanta, caught a cab at LaGuardia, and lost two front teeth when the taxi was involved in an accident with an SUV. Gothamist just took a look at Mapquest, and the trip is only 3.18 miles. What are the chances that someone gets in an accident during that trip?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its updated report of SUV rollover safety and the Ford Explorer is at the bottom again; you can see SUV safety at safecar.gov. And WebMD notes that if your tooth gets knocked out, you should put it in milk, but after two hours, the tooth cannot be saved. Plus that Christmas chesnut, All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.