Yesterday, a group of longboard skaters raced down Broadway from West 116th Street all the way to the bull in the Financial District for the "Broadway Bomb." Sacha Lecca took photographs of the skate, which seemed to have at least 100 skaters. Sacha tells us there were around 70 last year and 30 in 2005; according to the website, the race started in 2002.


The race was postponed from Saturday to Sunday because of the rain and the third place finisher Adam Dabonka old the Post, "It's absolutely dangerous. My skateboard flew and I slammed into the back of a white Mercedes. All I could think was, 'The board, the board!' - it was about to get hit by a bus, but I grabbed it and ran." The race does stress "Skating through traffic with pedestrians in New York City can be a serious challenge, even for experienced skaters. Please, Be Careful, and Always Wear Your Helmet! (And safety gear!) We don't wish to see anyone get hurt."

Photographs by Sacha Lecca; see more