2005_10_slatled.jpgSix years after announcing Baseball's [no-Latino] All-Century team, Major League Baseball unveiled their "Latino Legends" team before last night's World Series game. The team was selected by fan voting with several local players making the team, Pedro Martinez of the Mets, Alex "I'm a Dog" Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees, Manny Ramirez who despite not wanting to play for the Mets and being on the Red Sox, is actually from Washington Heights, and former Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez, who was born in New York.

The announcement of the team was not without controversy as Ozzie Guillen, manager of the now World Champion White Sox, had issue with some of the players that made the team. Guillen mocked the choice of Alex Rodriguez over Luis Aparicio, "Alex Rodriguez couldn't even hold Luis Aparicio's (underwear).''

There are probably several oversights, but the biggest one in Gothamist's mind is Orlando Cepeda at first base. While Albert Pujols is an excellent player, 5 years does not make a career. Also odd is the inclusion of Edgar Martinez as a 3rd basemen. While he deserves to be on the team, Martinez played at 3rd earlier in his career, and only played quarter of his games there.

Photo by Eric Gay/AP via MSNBC