At least the Knicks don't stink at everything. They may sit at 19-48 with the second-worst record in the NBA, but their dance team has made it to the quarterfinals of the NBA.com Dance Team Bracket. In the spirit of March and all things bracket, the NBA decided to pair off the dance squads and allow fans a voting period for each matchup to determine a winner. Thanks to a first-round bye and a convincing win against the Atlanta Hawks, the Knicks have advanced to face their rivals from across the river. What better way to avenge their season-long futility against the Nets than to beat them in an Internet poll asking which team has better dancers? Gothamist can't think of any.

To aid in the process, the NBA has included pictures at the bracket page. Gothamist doesn't doubt the Knicks City Dancers can outpoll the Nets Dancers, but the next two rounds should prove much tougher. It would draw the Miami Heat's squad, and, if they somehow win that, it could face the Suns'. When the real NBA brackets come out, though, the Knicks will be nowhere near them.

Which team do you think should advance into the next round? Because the voting is today only.

Photo of the Nets Dancers by Nets Basketball/Joe Camporeale, Photo of KCD by MSG Photos