2006_04_snfldraft.jpg11:50AM-Welcome to the NFL Draft. We already know that Houston is taking Mario Williams with the first pick, so that leads to two questions. 1- Will the Jets move up and try to draft Reggie Bush? 2- Will Houston take the 15 minutes they are allowed to pick a player they have already signed? Stay tuned.

12:01PM- ESPN has some guy with a cheesy french accent talking about "zee players". This could be a long day.

12:10- Michael Irvin "Defense doesn't win championships, poise wins championships." Michael, do you remember Charles Haley, Russell Maryland, Deion Sanders and the rest of the dominating defenses your championship teams had?

12:14- Gothamist would like to thank the Houston Texans for only taking 3 minutes to make a pick they made 12 hours ago.

12:27- Sorry, Jets Fans, Reggie Bush is going to New Orleans. Now we have to wonder is an offensive tackle in New York's future?

12:28- You gotta love perspective. Not only is Reggie Bush going to help the Saints, but the ESPN announcers seem to think he is going to rebuild New Orleans as well. Can a running back rush for 1,500 yards and run FEMA at the same time?

12:35- Vince Young is obviously not the third pick for his fashion sense, but what can you expect from a guy who spent the last few years wearing "burnt" orange?

12:37- Here is what the Jets missed out on by not trading up. But that's ok because Curtis Martin will play forever!

12:46- Steve Young just used "esoteric" when describing Matt Leinert. I wonder what he got on his Wonderlic?

12:48- D'Brickashaw Ferguson is the pick. I think the Jets made a smart move not just because he is the best player, but you can't beat the first name. How can you not love the use of the apostrophe? From now on this website will be known as "G'Ist"

12:58- Did ESPN hijack the set of Ellen? Sean Salisbury and William Henderson look like they should be sharing a cup of coffee and talking about wallpaper patterns.

12:59- A.J. Hawk is the pick. What a great football name. He is a ballhawk. He has a nose for the ball. He flies in to make the tackle. Ah, Gothamist is amused by simple things.

1:11- Matt Leinert looks miserable but it is hard to feel sorry for a guy who will be a millionaire at the end of the day, spent the last year playing football, taking ballroom dancing and has better hair than Mel Kiper.

1:30- Eight picks are in and Leinert is still sitting there. ESPN interviews his agent and asks the insightful, "Is Matt dissapointed not to have been picked?" Wouldn't it be great if the answer was something along the lines of, "Are you a moron? He is pissed off that he is sitting in the Green Room like an idiot waiting for someone to pick him when he could be out partying like a rock star."

1:34- How great is Mel Kiper's bio? His office has "satellite dishes", ooohhhh fancy. He also went to Essex Community College. I wonder how their football team is?

1:35- Good news Matt, you just got drafted. Bad news, you are going to Arizona which is the worst franchise in the NFL. One winning season in the last 20 years. Too bad you couldn't figure out how to weasel another year of eligibilty out of college!

1:45- "I am so excited to be an Arizona Cardinal". Matt Leinert in his interview, let's remember that quote in October when he is running for his life.

1:48- Jay Cutler, you just got picked 11th overall. Time to stop cutting your hair with a Flowbee.

1:52- Cutler went to Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt is in Tennessee. Tennessee borders Kentucky and next week is the Kentucky Derby which means you need this recipie for Mint Juleps. Don't ever say Gothamist hasn't given you anything.

2:07- How great is the NFL? They actually have a chart that measures the value of each draft pick for trades. Yet somehow world peace escapes us.

2:24- Did Dennis Green lose a bet and as a result, have to wear that shirt?

2:27- Someone in the crowd is wearing a Knicks' jersey. Gothamist is speechless.

2:43- "It's not just the ligament in his knee, it's the ligament in his head also." I love Michael Irvin.

2:56- I think the Vikings just drafted Greg Brady.

3:11- How many times are they going to show this "click-clack" ad?

3:14- NEWS FLASH. According to the ESPN Ticker the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl to Pittsburgh.

3:19- Antonio Cromartie, who missed all of last season, just got selected 19th overall on the basis of a great workout. How do all the guys who played last season feel right now?

3:25 Maybe ESPN should run over the Mel Kiper's place and borrow some of his equipment because they can't get the audio to work on any of Suzy Kolbers' interviews. If only Joe Namath had been so fortunate.

3:34- Best moment of the draft so far. ESPN interviews Herm Edwards via videoconference and the fans at Radio City boo him.

3:45- The Giants will have a very interesting decision in a few picks because they will have the chance to snag one of three very good offensive players if they want.

3:47- Chris Mortensen and Michael Irvin aren't getting along. Could we get another Jim Rome-Jim Everett type scenario here?

3:52- I would just like to announce that after almost 200 minutes of hockey the Rangers finally lead the Devils. In other scores, Yankees 12 Blue Jays 6 Top of the Sixth. Mets and Braves tonight at 7:05. That completes the scoreboard portion of our show.

4:05 There is something wrong when the first round of the NFL draft takes longer than the Super Bowl.

4:08- And the Giants are on the clock! Chad Jackson or DeAngelo Williams would be nice.

4:20- With the 25th selection the New York Giants trade the pick!

4:22- Did you catch the semi-bald man who had painted the Giants' logo on his head? Nice touch.

4:25- Hey we can use our trade chart. Giants send 25th pick to Pittsburgh for #32, #96 and #129. That's 720 points from the Giants for 749 back. So, the Giants "won" the trade and we get to wait another hour and a half or so for them to pick.

4:26- The Rangers are now behind 2-1. That didn't take long.

4:40- The J'ts (if you don't get it, check out the entry for 12:48) are back on the clock.

4:45- The pick is Nick Mangold. 6'3" 300lbs, how long before we call him "Manchild?" The Jets just rebuilt their offensive line.

4:48- The Yankees added a field goal and now lead Toronto 17-6.

5:00- And the Giants finish the first round with Mathius Kiwanuka, DE from Boston College. Kiwanuka and Umenyiora as their ends, pity their announcers.

5:01- That's it, 32 picks, five hours and the only six more rounds to go. Gothamist will be back with a recap of all the picks Monday.