2007_3_energy.jpgOn my ConEd bill there is always a line at the bottom that reads "Go to a new supplier to reduce charges…" I looked into this and apparently in NYC we are able to purchase our energy through parties other than ConEd—some of them I assume offer energy from renewable sources. ConEd still charges a delivery fee, so you get two bills—one from ConEd and one from the energy supplier. I did a little research, and there isn't much info out there explaining how this affects the bottom line of your bill (other than some horror stories of double charging). Has anyone done this? Does it actually save any money?

Con Edison participates in a program called PowerYOURWay, which means you can choose the energy supplier that you want, while still having Con Edison deliver the energy. Some Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) even offer incentives such as saving up to 7% on your energy bill for two months. Any problems with your electricity and/or gas will still be handled by Con Edison. You are not charged to switch suppliers, but may be charged $10 in some instances to switch back.

Check here for a list of frequently asked questions. PowerYOURWay has a list ESCOs available to choose from. And Gotham Gazette looked at PYW back in 2001 and recommended that everyone should take another look at their energy bills.

We do not know of anyone who has done this before, so we're opening it up to you all... what are your experiences?